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Why motivational books and talks never worked for us AND how to make them work

Have you ever felt awestruck, inspired, energized and impressed by a book or talk? What of Steve Job’s Stanford Commencement Speech? What of others that leave you mesmerized?

Envision such moments!

A lot of us have devoured countless motivational books, spent hours listening to empowering talk shows, podcasts, videos, etc. Yet most really have never ever felt any change or empowerment.

Many of us only feel the empowerment momentarily, maybe as long as three days and yet we return to our original status quo. Wonders, they say, lasts but 7 days.

Does this insinuate that all or most of these motivational speeches and books are hoax and not practical, just like a friend of mine said some time ago?

This challenge has made a lot of people get frustrated with any motivational stuff. Others go from one motivator to another hoping to get the most workable one. It is worthy to note that different motivational books tackle different issues.



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