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Shimonkepha's photoI am Kepha, Shimonkepha (AKA ShimonK) and I have a life goal of constantly being part of the solution to the ever rising human challenges.

I believe that our happiness starts from inside of us and so much depends on how effective our relationships are.

With great listening skill and patience, I make friends with a lot of people around the world. I understand the challenges facing leadership and other relationships and is on the journey to discover ways:

  • for us to realize and harness the potentials embedded inside of us
  • improve relationships of all types including leadeship.

I always (even in my own desires for hope) strives to be the hope that people need and believe that you truly deserve to be happy. My best shot is: “when you lose all things, never lose hope”.

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12 thoughts on “About”

  1. I agree with your premise here. Am curious what prompted you to write this and who you are in addition to this information in the about section. thanks!

  2. This site got great potential.
    with the way our generation is so busy with various forms of distractions that they begin to attach undue importance to material and flashy things.
    the blog focuses on a reality that is ours however oblivious of it we may seem.

    for example instead of focusing all of one’s energy into pre-wedding photos, people should focus more on the post wedding reality.
    While gossip, fashion, entertainment glitz and glam are stealing the show and spotlight, the blog helps and encourages us to be better, more sensitive, more loving and more lovable.

  3. I like this quote. But with my experience most of the time when we look for happiness 99% sadness comes with 1% happiness.

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