Body, Soul and Mind


How do you achieve balance within yourself and get inner peace?

I define a human being as being made up of three major divisions: the body, the soul and the mind. One might be tempted to add the spirit but rather the spirit a man possess is rather external to human being. A man can have a lot of spirits but the main one every human has is the breath of life.

Body, Soul and Mind for Inner Peace
Self Balancing for Inner Peace

It is a fact that the soul is invisible and therefore some people may look at it as imaginary. The soul of a man is actually who a man truly is. The body serves as a container, a vehicle through which the soul operates. The soul, though not visible, expresses itself, in all on ramifications, using the body.

The mind serves as a pathway between the body and the soul. It is through the mind that the soul connects with and issues command to the body.

In any case any of the three components fail, there is every possibility that the other two go down with it. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise the three continually

Exercising the Three for Balance

The soul exercises involve spiritual exercises. The Christian Holy Bible referred to the soul exercise as Exercise of Godliness (or just godliness). Such exercises include prayers, meditation (that connects you with a higher spiritual being) and fasting. This cannot be complete if I do not mention kindness, goodness, charity, gratitude, forgiveness, truth, justice and any other likewise as core critical examples of soul exercises. Doing these (or any one) every day strengthens your soul.

The mental exercises involve reading, deep thinking and meditation (mindfulness).

The physical exercises are the ones we are more familiar with: jogging, push ups, swimming, riding, walking, etc.

Our daily strive should be to create a harmony among the body, the soul and the mind. In the photo above, it is necessary to keep the green triangle balanced and in place. The harmony can only be achieved through consistent exercises based on the three. If one or two areas lack, there is imbalance thus you have every tendency to get distressed.

Inner peace
Inner peace

I would recommend that every morning, try to carry out two out of the three areas.

Try and make sure that your thoughts are in line with the values your soul possess (core values) and consequently your speeches and actions have to be in tandem with your thoughts and core values.

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  1. Another beautiful piece.. Harmony or balance in this aspects of our lives is very crucial in our daily activities. Though some some of us as a result of busy schedules or the inability to form the habit of ensuring this harmony do lose out from the fulfillment it does offer. I hope I practice this more. Keep it up.

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