Six Powerful,Life Changing Lessons from the Movie, Moana

I so much love the movie, Moana. You can have a preview of it on YouTube here if you have not watched it. There are six powerful lessons that will improve our lives, relationships and leadership skills from the movie.

Moana (photo from Disney website)

  1. Don’t live a stereotypical life just as Moana’s dad tried to make her do: the normal way others do especially when you have a strong urge to do something different.

    Definitely do not urge someone else to do so (especially your kids) except you want them to end up the same level you are in.

  2. Do not listen to people dissuading you all because of their own life experiences.

    Moana’s dad had a single one-off experience that made him try to dissuade her from going after her desires. Just as stated in the article “Why people love to make other miserable”, many people usually advise or act out of their own experiences but their situations might not be the same. Coming to relationships, I have had cases where certain ladies believe strongly that all men cheat not because their spouse cheat but hey hear it from others. Then they start behaving in a way that shows no trust to something existing only in their mentality. Also, do not use because of relationship to kill your dream or your spouse’s dream rather be a support.

  3. The people who you think are great and powerful also need support, care and gifts;

    Maui, even though a god, needed encouragement from the little girl Moana to get his confidence back. In one my posts on Facebook, I said that even though God has everything and do not actually need anything from us, yet, He asked us to give our little to him. The reason is to teach us a lesson: when someone you think is very rich constantly gives you gifts, once in a while, give back to the person. When it is one person, in a relationship, that is constantly showing care and love without reciprocation from the other person, one day the emotional bank will surely deplete. Give back in your own little way!

  4. People act the way they do, not really that it is their true nature, rather because of their past experiences OR what they are presently passing through.

    Moana’s dad as stated above is one. Te Fiti, a gentle and loving goddess turned into a monster because of her stolen heart. Even, many stories were told about how evil the monster was and in the same stories how caring Te Fiti was.  It took Moana to realize this and the game changed. It will take just listening, patience and empathy to get to why a lot of people act the way they do and when you understand why, your paradigm will change. Also, healing for the wounded will begin.

  5. Do not neglect even the least person in your team.

    Hei Hei was the most neglected animal in the kingdom but it was Moana’s only companion throughout the perilous journey and even saved the day in the fight with the Coconut Pirates.

    moana_Hei Hei
    Hei Hei (photo from Disney website)
  6. Do not give up! Even when your most trusted gives up on you or you meet setbacks that would make you cry.

    I suggest that you have core values/intents/ underlying reasons that will keep you moving forward. You are free to cry at those moments but don’t forget to get up and move forward! Also try to be with people in their toughest moment and not abandon the ship. Moana’s grand mum did encouraged her in her toughest moment giving her the boldness. By the way, the encouraging words you speak to people in good moments can be helpful in their tough moments.

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10 thoughts on “Six Powerful,Life Changing Lessons from the Movie, Moana”

  1. These lessons are incredible. It is better for one to have self- actualization than being trapped or eveloped around by the encounters of other people. actually, its not out of point to consider d experiences of other. but let it be mostly use as a steping stone and not a blue print of ones life.
    perseverance, persistent is the key to open every doors of life that is unaccessible. never to accept that life can defeat us, always believing in ourself even wen others do not believe in us.
    when going through this life’s journey, never understimate anyone you meet on the way. be diplomatic because the table may turn round oneday.

  2. Great lessons learnt, I had watched the movie moana over and over again but couldn’t pick out these lessons, especially the part of not neglecting the least person In the team, and giving back in our own little way. Though most times I put it to be the lack of trust in most people or participants in a team and the idea that the rich and powerful need nothing from the poor, but with this I understand that you might trust someone but still neglect him/her as part of a team, maybe because of level of growths or physical characteristics, which i also seen in the movie.
    What is your advice for someone whom your articles resonates?

    1. Did you get to see how HeiHei was treated in the island? And even how Maui treated it as worthy of only filling his stomach? I think this suffices.

      For the person, take steps to apply each one by one. Continue till you get them right.

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