Why motivational books and talks never worked for us AND how to make them work

Have you ever felt awestruck, inspired, energized and impressed by a book or talk? What of Steve Job’s Stanford Commencement Speech? What of others that leave you mesmerized?

Envision such moments!

A lot of us have devoured countless motivational books, spent hours listening to empowering talk shows, podcasts, videos, etc. Yet most really have never ever felt any change or empowerment.

Many of us only feel the empowerment momentarily, maybe as long as three days and yet we return to our original status quo. Wonders, they say, lasts but 7 days.

Does this insinuate that all or most of these motivational speeches and books are hoax and not practical, just like a friend of mine said some time ago?

This challenge has made a lot of people get frustrated with any motivational stuff. Others go from one motivator to another hoping to get the most workable one. It is worthy to note that different motivational books tackle different issues.



There are three things we do not do and should do after listening to a motivational talk or read a motivational book

  1. RECORD!

In my attendance of different events, watched a lot of motivational talks or even gave some, I noticed some particular common characteristics among the audience. Hardly do you come across someone recording (mostly in form of writing down) what is being said! It is true that there are people who possess super memories but they are few. Forgetting what was read or spoken is easy as we immerse ourselves in the daily myriad of events after the talk.

Record what you have learnt and go over it with time. Noting down will help you in the next two methods.

Motivational books
Motivational books



“Yes this is impressive, I feel it is true, very true!” is the usual reactions to such motivators.

You need to ask yourself these questions at this stage:

How does this apply me?

What hole can this talk fill in my life?

Where and how am I lacking as compared to the features mentioned?

Find how it relates to you! Do the comparison! Pinpoint how the talk/write-up affects you. Compare between the qualities you already have and the one you just learned. Identify the areas where you need to change. This point needs personal assessment.


At this point, you have to make a decision. The decision is to follow that which you have learnt. Making decisions is one of the most critical aspect of human life, it is even one of the core qualities that make us special.

In this article, One Morning Activity That Can Make Your Whole Day Great, the importance of decision-making is well stressed especially making it first thing in the morning (click here to read the article).

Then after deciding, go ahead and close the gap.

There are a lot of motivational books and talks that have influenced me and improved my way of life using these methods. Such include How to Win Friends and Influence People, varieties of Ted talks and listening to the daily events happening around me.

 Try these methods today. Do you have other ways on how to make the motivational books and talks work? Please put them down in the comment section


  1. I think motivation in totality is all about you and it’s defined as brilliance which means the ability to put intelligence into action. Those steps are the way to brilliance. I tried them and even though i didn’t read motivational books, I feel brilliant. Dankeschön Bro

    1. I’ve never heard motivation described like that, I like it! When I am motivated it certainly feels as though there is an energy, a brilliance that is coming from within, and others can feel it too.

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