The power of creativity and talent


“See a man who has mastered a weapon, he is humble; in creativity lies such steps to mastery”

Razy Hassan, a great friend from Bangladesh was once thinking about creativity vs talent. He asked me “what is the difference between both or are they the same?” “If not the same, how do you define both?” He requested that I should put up an article on the topic.

This drew me into the world of creativity and talent; made me also put up this question to different professionals and friends.

Talent is a natural, it flows so easily. Talent is like a gift handed over to us, a natural skill.

Creativity aims at inventing something new, bringing it into existence. The definition does not end here else creativity will be a very rare thing to come by. Creativity also tries to redefine already existing things in unique and new patterns/ways. Example: the person who discovered telephone is creativity and the persons who made them into wireless, handheld, smart, touchscreens are creative also.

Mixing talent with creativity is so powerful, more like a time bomb. Creativity allows you to build something unique and talent aids you to repeat it in an easily flowing pattern.

The power of creativity and talent


A talented musician can easily sing songs but a creative musician produces a beautiful and inspiring patterns of music. A talented employee can easily repeat organizational processes over and over producing a very little variability in the results. A creative employee disrupts a process by seeking for new products, methods and processes.


Talent is natural. Creativity requires a lot to be achieved including time, energy, learning and most importantly vision and mindfulness.

Added to lack of learning, vision and mindfulness, constant (unhealthy) competition suppresses creativity. In competitions, we spend more time seeking for what our competitors have created and not having time to build something unique ourselves.

“Is it not preferably to create than to compete? Create what you want rather than compete for what belongs to someone else (since what you create is what you own)”

 In a team, there can be a mixture of well talented people and creative ones but it is always easier to get talented people than creative ones.

 A great leader is the one who can successfully combine the two.

Finally, leaders, parents, spouses and everyone should strive to recognize talents and develop creativity in themselves and others. Mostly importantly, learn to effectively combine talent with creativity.


  1. Nice one! Talents is the ability to do something, creativity is the ability to do what you do in a new dynamic and progressive way. more like adding new skills and new trick to what you already know or your talent…

  2. Hmn. i think creativity is a talent also. the ability to innovate. the level of it varies with person too. some has it. some don’t.

  3. Now that’s a clear explanation and I strongly agree with the point that talent is something you are able to do, and creativity is something you do that in a completely new way or to figure out various ways to do that…!

    Good writing Shimonkepha, I must appreciate the way you think.

  4. This helped me understand the difference… Now that I understand the difference, I can learn to combine both. Nice write up shimon.. Keep it up

  5. “Creativity allows you to build something unique and talent aids you to repeat it in an easily flowing pattern.” is my hook line. It underlined everything

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