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“See a man who has mastered a weapon, he is humble; in creativity lies such steps to mastery”

Razy Hassan, a great friend from Bangladesh was once thinking about creativity vs talent. He asked me “what is the difference between both or are they the same?” “If not the same, how do you define both?” He requested that I should put up an article on the topic.

This drew me into the world of creativity and talent; made me also put up this question to different professionals and friends.

Talent is a natural, it flows so easily. Talent is like a gift handed over to us, a natural skill. Continue reading MORE CREATIVE OR MORE TALENTED?


A kid was proudly describing to two other kids on how his dad’s car is the best in the neighborhood. One of the two hearers cut him short and proved to him that the rich family living down the street has better car with good reasons. The kid became angry and sad at the same time.

Unhealthy comparison
Unhealthy comparison

Most times in life we hold on to certain things we have in life believing that they are the best. But from the moment a comparison is done with some other things and we find our own wanting, we (implicitly or explicitly) become sad about it. Worst of all, we start to become discontented with that which we have.

From the moment we put ourselves (or someone else does) on a scale with our colleagues, friends, or even strangers that we have not met, the feeling of inadequacy and redundancy comes in.

What if we are found better than the others? Continue reading HOW UNHEALTHY AND UNEQUAL COMPARISON IS KILLING RELATIONSHIPS

Why Great Ideas/Changes Meet Resistance and How to Overcome

The wolf and the pack
Strength of wolf and pack
It is always more like a shock to organizational leaders that changes they, themselves, see beyond every doubt that will be beneficial to their systems meet resistance. The employees and more surprising even the managers object to such changes, upgrades and let us call it improvement. The challenge comes from missing out certain ingredients during planning on how to start the change.

Missing Out Adequate Information Communication.
This can make even the most simple changes look complex. The complex changes, with adequate communication, will look very simple. Thus it is necessary to plan an adequate and comprehensive communication system before initiating a change. In planning the communication system, there are certain loopholes that need to be filled:

a. What is in the change for us (personally)? Continue reading Why Great Ideas/Changes Meet Resistance and How to Overcome