How much time do we have to live in?

50 years? 100? 365 days?

The truth is that we only have one day to live in. That day is TODAY, right? Yet in today (as the only day we have), we only have NOW as when we have to actually live in. We cannot live our lives beyond now.

Yes, whatever we did in the “now” that has passed has a strong influence in the present now and the things we do in the present now goes to influence our future now.

New resolutions
New resolutions

So the question is: what are you doing now? Sure I bet it is reading this article but what of the other nows?

Many of us usually wait for special occasions like birthdays, new years, new months, etc. to make resolutions, to make certain important changes (most are usually positive while few are negative) in our lives and life patterns. The problem is that before these days will cycle, we find ourselves in a real mess, making new resolutions again and again. The resolutions are not entirely new but remaking the ones we did afore.

What if you now ditch those resolutions and live in now? What if you take your personal promises to the only time you have to live in?

Any moment you get an enlightenment; it is your moment of reborn; in fact, no time is too late. Every and any moment you become illuminated through knowledge gained by reading or interacting with someone (this knowledge grants you greater understanding), you should simply become renewed and reborn.

You can only get renewed or reborn by accepting such knowledge and decide to go by it.

Thus you should live in now, make resolutions as soon as you achieve higher knowledge.


This article “ONE MORNING ACTIVITY THAT CAN MAKE YOUR WHOLE DAY GREAT” takes early morning as special time in which you should make decisions on how your day will go (read it here). Early morning should be a time when you gather all the decisions made and forge them into a weapon to use to direct your day.

Therefore, any moment you hear the voice of truth and of higher knowledge, do not wait until special occasions to decide. Do it NOW!

No matter how far you have derailed from your goals/dreams or how deep the mess you are in is, there is still hope. The Christian Holy Book said “now is the acceptable time, now is the day of salvation”. Thus you have every ability to decide NOW to stand up, move forward, make a comeback and to start all over. Now is the best time

Feel free to comment your opinions about the article below and read the article on ONE MORNING ACTIVITY THAT CAN MAKE YOUR WHOLE DAY GREAT by clicking here.

15 thoughts on “WHY “NOW” IS THE BEST TIME”

  1. It’s true… People always make new year resolutions but if we get our ears down, we’ll find out that it’s the same thing they repeat all the time. But whenever we find out there’s somewhere wrong, it’s better we correct it immediately. I call that New Now resolution. Therefore I no longer need a new year resolution. Thanks for that post

  2. Anytime I hear the voice of truth, of reasoning and of higher knowledge, I don’t need any special occasion to decide because i have the ability to decide now.
    Nice article. Thanks for this article.

  3. You are right the only time to live to learn and change is today because we do not know if there will be a tomorrow..

  4. I strongly agree with the point ““now” that has passed has a strong influence in the present now and the things we do in the present now goes to influence our future now”

    and we should start now, its never too late.

    thanks to the writer. such an inspiring writing!

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