Animals' love: why humans cannot love us the way animals love us

Animals’ Love: Why Humans Cannot Love Us the Way Animals Love Us.

Animals' love: why humans cannot love us the way animals love usI came across a beautiful photo on the internet, of a lady crying about missing her dog on her wedding day. I was really attracted by the photo and my friend Maria (who made the photo for the article) said: “ShimonK, why do we really have such affinity towards animals (our pets), can we not love the way animals do?” This spurred me to research, to ask a lot of people these questions:

  1. Why do you love your animal so much?
  2. Why does your animal love you so much?

The responses I received grouped themselves into three (3). This really got me thinking and comparing it to the love we, humans, have for ourselves. We can use these to improve our relationships.

Here is what I got

Group 1

When I make mistakes and I am sad, my dog does not criticize me. It recognizes that I am sad and snuggle against me, trying to cheer me up! That makes me feel better.

The first rule in Dale Carnegie’s how to win friends is to avoid criticism, complain and condemn. The moment someone goes into defensive mode, that means that possibly he or she is being criticized. Gentle correction hardly leads to defensive mode except in people who are already used to defense possibly out of life experience.

One way of avoiding such criticism is by asking questions. Always try to see things from the side of people. Asking questions should be such that makes people feel that you are standing with them and not against them.

Teagan and her dog
Teagan and her dog



Unconditional? Seriously? I do not really think it is unconditional because you got to hold your pet close, feed and clean it up before it will recognize you as its owner.

This is not an art of unconditional but the art of giving back. You got to spend time with the animal for it to get accustomed to you.

Do we really spend such time and energy on people we love and are in relationship with? How fruitful are such times?  Have we lost ourselves to work, smartphones, social media?

Do we really recognize the effort people are making for our own good? Are we giving back? Or do we feel like only ourselves (I, me, myself) deserve to be loved and not to love?

Another thing about unconditional “love” is that it involves seeing more of the good aspect than the negative aspect of people, recognizing and counting more the good they have done to us.

Lot of people have made a quote that people would prefer to see that one thing you did not do than the 99 things you did. This is true of men but not of dogs, cats, etc.

The question is: is this natural? No. we are usually the ones who choose to be so.



Implicit control is always more powerful than an explicit one. I know someone whom everybody rarely rejects a request to carry out his orders but he does not assume any authoritative position.

There is power in humility and display of authority can make people loathe you the more. The article “THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT IN LEADERSHIP (AND HOW YOU CAN USE IT TO BECOME A LEADER)” advised that leadership exhibited should be inspiring and not commanding.

Have you ever thought of this: because of your dog’s loyalty, you are willing to give it whatever it wants? You serve, cherish, appreciate your animal all because it serves you. True love, loyalty, trust and service are two-way affairs, give and take.

How do we handle our loved ones who are undergoing tough times? Do we try to solve the problem, reduce their stress or do we aggravate them in a bid to prove how wrong they were? Do we try to show them what they ought to or ought not to have done?

I do not mean that we should not analyze why someone failed but we should not do so at the moment they are sad. We should rather comfort and find ways to ameliorate the challenges. Sometimes, we get so lost in the quest to analyze a failure that we do not come up with any solution at all!

Even though we might not get such uncompromising and unflinchingly loyalty from man (due to our complex and complicated breed) we should give something powerfully close to these three by keeping up our loyalty, love as we are loved, be humble and criticize less.

Like Maria, said: “until you love an animal, part of your soul remains unawaken”, truly unawaken yourself to selfless, unflinching loyalty and love of an animal! Learn from these and make decision to improve every of your relationships.

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31 thoughts on “Animals’ Love: Why Humans Cannot Love Us the Way Animals Love Us.”

  1. I feared owning a pet, I was raised to believe an animal had to fear there owner for respect. Frankly the thought makes me sick. A few years ago I got a cat, swiftly followed by a dog. Together we taught each other the arty of living together, respecting boundaries and love. My soul has been mended by my beloved animals.

  2. Very nice article and views here ShimonK! My dog says, I do not have to love people the way I love him though. He also knows he is the boss. Well not really, but don’t tell him! Especially since the cat thinks he is in charge. Glad you pointed to comfort as being key in relationships. Thanks.

  3. Mark Louis Hudson- Author:
    We give such unconditional love to our pet friends, as family, because I guess they represent the pure innocence of existence, that we easily recognize, created by God, and are well deserving of the needed attention, as much as we are, of wanting to care for & nurture  them. We do not cut each other such slack through compassion though, as we should, until we find out that one of us, has a disability that requires a little extra care in communication. Then we are as susceptible to loving and caring for that one person, as we should be. But we ALL have the same disability as everyone else, which should spark compassion in us all for having it. It is the fact that we are ALL falliby  HUMAN. 🙂

    1. This is beautiful, encouraging and motivational, Mark. Understanding one another’s weaknesses is a great way to build a great relationship.
      Thanks a lot for sharing this

  4. It is simple about animals because they have many sentiments like humans, they use their instincts to feel love.
    Just if you show love a your dog or whatever, they will start caring of you.
    Many times the animals feel jealous too, they feel secured at you side, remember they are humans too, if you read about the dogs, they are the animals more like at humans that is reason why a simple dog loves you, just study biology lol…

  5. Wow what a power of love even pet can understand human feeling. Oh I kw its doing dat in order to have its food . for my I will express dis kind of love 2 my dare

  6. My cat Sylvester gives me unconditionally Love. Cats can be very affectionate and caring. When I was a kid I had dogs. Since I grew up in a house with a front and back yards we were able to have dogs. They were a comfort to me since I was picked on and bullied during my K-12 years. My special doggy friend was a Beagle named Dolly. She listened to all my problems and seemed to understand me. She was a great comfort to a kid who did not fit in.

    Since the mid-1980s I’ve had cats because dogs were either not permitted in my apts or did not fit my Lifestyle. All my cats have been Loving, kind, compassionate creatures. Moreso than most humans. When I’m sick and I have chronic pain and illness Sylvester will lay down next to me in a protective stance. It is like he is watching over me. When I cry he comforts me. Animals do know when we are sad scared or uncomfortable. They accept you no matter what disease or disability you have.

    The only human I know who is equally kind, caring, Loving, compassionate and understanding is my brother Stephen who has Autism. I guess that’s because he too has been rejected by the so-called normal people. Every day I Thank God for Stephen and wish that we could be together more often. I look forward to retiring in 2018 so we can spend more time together.

    1. It doesn’t necessarily take a special person but a person who decides to learn and do the special things.
      Even if I may say that the animals’ behavior is not special for humans just that we have lost what it takes.
      Read the article on this blog titled “Who I Am”.

  7. God made animals for men but men are at times bad to dogs.
    his is because, I always see dogs in the streets hurt.
    And I love dogs.

  8. Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody is a much greater hunger,
    a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.

    1. But self love, happiness within and self confidence transcends beyond all thes while the hope of greater tomorrow with a clear vision/goals keep you steps ahead anything you are suffering from

  9. this share is realy inspiring. to round it up its an edge to building and sustaining a lasting and wonderful relationship. thanks shim.

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