Morning activity that will make your day great


Decision making is one of the greatest gift to man and is usually far more effective when backed up by willpower/ strong resolution.

Morning exercise that will make your day great
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 Early in the morning is always a special time. It is the time to break the fast of the long night.

Quite a lot of people carry out different activities in the morning which do help them. A lot of activities such as planning for the day, exercising including yoga, jogging, etc., meditating and praying, reading, etc. All these are very good and I do recommend you should try some out

There is one activity that can drive our whole day. It can determine the nature of our day.

Decision making is one of the greatest gift to man. It is the ability to be or not to be, to do or not to do. Decision making is usually far more effective when backed up by willpower/ strong resolution.

Making decisions on how we will face each day is a key to directing how we will face each day.

Everything we do in life is based on the decision we take. We can choose to be more silent or to speak more, to take risks or to stay in safe zones or whatever it is.

It is not that we cannot make decisions each day as things come by but there are certain reasons why early morning decisions are unique:

  1. Such early morning decision-making guides our activities for the day, sets limit to the things we do or not to, thus giving us more control to ourselves and our emotions.

    As a friend of mine, Chiamaka Offor, the CEO of Zoamazokar Couture, puts it:” to be forewarned is to be forearmed, thus making such decision prepares the mind for the challenges and events of the day.”

  2. At such early morning, our mental status is clear, coherent, and free of stress especially after such night rest.

    Though there are some group of people who say it is not so for them but for the most of us, the morning is our peak and we can make the best decisions then.

Thus as well as jogging, reading, meditating, etc., make early morning decisions.

It is always necessary that we should decide every morning to love our spouse and family, live our lives to the fullest, have effective relationships and be more positive. Above all, always make a decision to be happy!

Take a look at this article for more on decision-making:

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  1. Morning to break the fast of it; very cool point there sir! As a Christian I know, for me, God needs to be first in everything. I like to spend time appreciating God’s gift of the new day in His presence. And drink coffee 😉 Great post to remind all to make a decision to be happy daily! Love it. Thanks

  2. Something I had not thought of. You are correct we can set our tone for the day. I wake and give thanks to God, but I rarely set my mind to be happy. I let too many stresses get in the way! Thank you again for a great post! I will apply this when I wake!

  3. Everyday is intended to leave us with the opportunity of getting better. Quite so unfortunate it is that we are bound to get worse by the day if we do not critically decide what we want out of each day and more importantly how to achieve it.
    Morning hours are key and its potentials must be judiciously utilized.

    It’s just like waiting until the end of a month to plan for the same month. Whatever we do not define or thrash out early in the morning becomes quite difficult to achieve as the day’s activities become more and more uncertain and likely to change.
    It’s morning; say hello to thy creator and to thyself, say hi to your dreams… and like you rightly put it, decide to be happy regardless of the outcome of the day!

    Good Post my friend.

  4. It is risky to plan all your day. Because things can go wrong as you would… But it is necessary to plan your day. Risk only decorates our life.
    Good post broo

      1. It is not easy to plan for a change when there are lots of unknowns. I think it is a natural fear of the unknown. May be fear of physical harm ego harm and material harm.

  5. the ability to back up a made decision with strong resolution and wilpower is probably what many don’t seem to have…

  6. Mornings used to be the best time for me. Unfortunately now mornings are not too good for me. It takes a couple of hours after I get up to fully function. But when clarity comes . I write down my plan for day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    1. Do not allow the days that do not work to overshadow the ones that work.
      In all, always make a decision or decisions to be happy and to believe in yourself.

  7. Everyday is a change to live the life in the fullest. God is my Savior and I thank Him for each day I have. This is my routine that is followed by meditation and workout. I make sure that the brain and physical exercises are done to go throughout my day. All empower me to make good decisions and be happy in the majority of my tasks. I totally agree with Mr. Chiamaka Offor and love the comments of Mr. Joel Orujekwe.
    Thanks, Shimonkepha, for this good write up advice!

  8. Quite true. Perhaps i’ll try making decisions during mornings, its when i am at my best through the day. But meanwhile, since i don’t have any situation now that in need to be decided on, reflection on mornings might be good too.

    1. A lot of people like me do such reflection in the evening as I trek from work to home.
      Yet to early morning meditation, reflection can also be added.
      Thanks Tan

  9. Those decisions we make are what drives us throughout the day. but sometimes we find out things go the other way. the only advice is that we should make both important and non important decisions so as to break our fast

  10. I totally agree with you even though there are times when we have to do emergency decisions that are totally different from the ones we made in the morning.
    Making a decision to be happy is very important.

  11. This is about physical exercise
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  12. Hi Shimonkepha….this is true as a live…..a few yaers ago I waked up in the morning (in my parent’s home in Vinaròs) near the beach and I went everyday to the beach to practice Yoga and all day I have my mind more clear than others days that I didn’ do….

  13. This I must practice.. I make many decisions daily but I always live out the vital one( make a decision to be happy) and I read this when I needed something to cheer me up. Thanks for this write up.

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